2017 Travel Trends & Forecasting

Travel trends for 2017 have showed no slow down with the desire for our Club members to explore he world.

There has been no quenching the thirst for travel and in the last months we have been busier than ever before. As always,  we strongly advise to pre-book early for the best rates for the trips with limited seasonality or those destinations that are highly sought after. The early season rates are typically the best.

With over twenty years experience planning and selecting the best available touring and cruising programs, we have gained a unique insight to what’s hot in the world of travel. This changes each year but as more and more people are heading for retirement there is no stopping us Australians wanting to see the world and infact, the number of people travelling are higher than ever before.

We suggest you do up a travel plan – for example forward projecting five or ten years – and think about all the places you want to see. What’s on the bucket list?  When you know what your must do’s are – you’ll find these are generally the limited seasonality travel, you’ll want to find the best time to go, work towards this timeframe and pre-register your interest. This will also allow you to budget what you need, in order to fund your must do travel experiences, as these are generally big ticket tours and cruises in our experience.

We can help with this and it has proved a success with many of our customers finding this pre-planning an excellent way to get organised.  There is a lot of the world to see, fitting it all in is the challenge!


Travel Style

The major trend we have seen is smaller ships, smaller group tours. Itineraries that are immersive and longer stays in each area. Having things like gratuities prepaid, more lunches and dinners included on tour, are popular to ensure overall budgets can be controlled.


The most popular destinations for 2017 in order:

1. Europe – Northern Europe

2. Europe – River Cruising with pre/and or post touring organised

3. Europe – Spain and Portugal

4. Europe – Italy

5. Europe – Mediterranean

6. Europe – Croatia

7. Canada & Alaska

8. U.S.A

9. South America and Antarctica

10. Long Voyages – round the world cruises and sectors

11. Japan

12. Small ship expedition cruising

13. Africa Safari’s